Approval requirements

Channel App Requirements

Once approved, channel apps are discoverable on BigCommerce's App Marketplace. Additionally, apps developed by select partners (opens in a new tab) are marketed in the Channel Manager within the Control Panel of every store. To be approved, channel apps must meet certain requirements. This article lists the requirements for publishing channel apps to both locations.

General requirements

All Partners:

  • Uses Channels API.

  • Creates a channel upon app installation.

  • Reads and updates channel status using the Channels API endpoints.

  • Follows requirements for specific channel type

  • Contains an onboarding user flow

Select Partners:

  • You can find the app ID in the URL when editing the app in the Developer Portal (opens in a new tab). For more information, see Finding an App's ID.
  • is optional; however, if you're building an app that creates or manages a channel, we recommend including the app ID to ensure the user interface in the BigCommerce control panel works properly.
  • Select partners who are promoted in the Channel Manager must build an app, and include the app ID in the create channel request.


All Partners:

  • Must use Sites and Routes API so that links generated within BigCommerce, such as "view storefront" and links sent in transactional emails to shoppers, will use the headless storefront's correct URL.

Marketplaces and marketing

All Partners:

  • Must use Listings API, if supporting per product listings.

To promote app performance and user experience best practices, additional general and channel type requirements will be outlined as needed.

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