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Becoming a partner

Becoming a Partner

The BigCommerce Partner Program includes access to resources, training, sales enablement, partner support, and a referral network to increase your client base and build better ecommerce experiences. Becoming an official BigCommerce partner will empower you to provide best-of-breed solutions to the fast-growing online businesses we host.

We offer three partnership programs designed to help you grow your business.

Agency partners

The Agency Partner Program is for agencies that build ecommerce solutions and deliver custom experiences for their clients. As an agency partner, you get access to advanced features, training resources, and integrations. To learn more, see Partner Program (opens in a new tab).

Affiliate partners

The Affiliate Partner Program is for marketers interested in growing their revenue by promoting BigCommerce through referral links, pre-made banners, and other affiliate materials. To learn more, see Affiliate Program (opens in a new tab).

Technology partners

The Technology Partner Program is for companies that design ecommerce themes, custom apps, and business software integrations. To learn more, see Partner Program (opens in a new tab).

Applying to the Partner Program

The following steps outline how to become a BigCommerce Partner (Agency or Technology):

  1. Go to the Partner Portal (opens in a new tab).

  2. Click Apply Today.

Partner Apply

  1. Enter your company email address.

  2. Select the program type.

Partner Registration

  1. Complete the member registration.

  2. Click the Complete Registration button.

  3. Once your application is approved, check your email for your partner credentials. (This can take up to two days.)

Once approved, you will receive one or more emails listing your partner credentials and next steps. If you do not receive these credentials, please contact your BigCommerce Channel Account Manager for assistance or email

Partner Portal training

BigCommerce offers training modules to help you get up to speed with the BigCommerce platform. You will need to complete these training modules to become a BigCommerce Certified Partner.

To access the training modules, log into the Partner Portal (opens in a new tab), hover over the Education tab (top navigation), and select Training & Certification. This path will take you to the Trainings (opens in a new tab) page.

Certifications and the BigDev Bootcamp

Advanced training is available through the BigDev Bootcamp. The BigDev Bootcamp delivers sessions focused on the Catalog API, Orders API, Cart and Checkout APIs, Storefront API, and Stencil. Please reach out to your Account Manager if you are interested in registering for these sessions.

Ongoing support

BigCommerce provides ongoing support to help you every step of the way. From dedicated account managers to access to the BigCommerce Community, BigCommerce offers a wide variety of resources to assist you. To learn more, see Support.


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