Buy online, pick up in store
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Manage order as a merchant

5.0 Manage order as a merchant

When building a Buy Online, Pick up in Store solution, you can allow merchants to manage orders that have pickup consignments. They can view and update the pickup consignment for an order.

5.1 View the newly-created order’s pickup consignment

To view the pickup consignment for the newly-created order, send a request to the Get consignments endpoint.

Example request: Get consignments
X-Auth-Token: {{access_token}}
Accept: application/json

The order's pickup consignment is 13.

5.2 View the newly-created order's products

To view the products for a newly-created order, send a request to the Get order products endpoint. The response returns products that were assigned to a pickup consignment.

Example request: Get order products
X-Auth-Token: {{access_token}}
Accept: application/json

The order_pickup_method_id field is 13 (same value as the pickup consignment ID).

5.3 Update pickup consignment

If you need to update the original pickup consignment details, you have the ability to do so using the Orders API. You can update the:

  • pickup_method_id
  • pickup_method_display_name
  • collection_instructions
  • collection_time_description
  • location attributes (except for the location_id)

To update a pickup consignment, send a request to the Update an order endpoint.

Example request: Update an order
X-Auth-Token: {{access_token}}
Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json
  "consignments": {
    "pickups": [
        "id": 13,
        "pickup_method_id": 1,
        "pickup_method_display_name": "Pickup Method 1 name - override",
        "collection_instructions": "Pickup Method 1 instructions - override",
        "collection_time_description": "Pickup Method 1 time - override",
        "location": {
          "name": "Location 1 - override",
          "code": "LOCATION-1 - override",
          "address_line_1": "123 Main Street - override",
          "address_line_2": "Suite 101 - override",
          "city": "Austin - override",
          "state": "Texas - override",
          "postal_code": "78726 - override",
          "country_alpha2": "US",
          "email": "",
          "phone": "+1 111-111-1111 - override"
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