Locating app IDs

Locating the ID of an APP

Select partners building channel apps need to know their app's ID in order to create and modify the channel's configuration. This tutorial demonstrates how to find an app's ID in the Developer Portal and the control panel.

Find in control panel

An app's ID can be found in the URL while on the app's page in a store's control panel. The location of the app's page depends on if the app is installed or uninstalled.

To open the app page, click the app:

Draft App

The app ID is in the URL after /manage/marketplace/apps/:

Draft App ID

Find in Developer Portal

To find an app's ID in the Developer Portal (opens in a new tab):

  1. Sign in to the Developer Portal (opens in a new tab).

  2. Click Edit App.

  3. Identify the app's ID is in the URL (ex: /my/apps/{APP_ID}/summary?review=false).


Once you obtain the app ID, you can use it to create or modify the app configuration for a channel using the Create a channel or Update a channel endpoint.

Example request: Create a channel with app configuration
X-Auth-Token: {ACCESS_TOKEN}
Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json
    "type": "type of channel",
    "platform": "sales channel platform",
    "name": "name of the sales channel",
    "external_id": "",
    "status": "connected",
    "app": {
      "id": 123,                         // ID of the app
      "sections": [{
        "title": "Overview",
        "query_path": "overview"
       }, {
       "title": "Settings",
       "query_path": "settings"


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