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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does the native, out-of-the-box Cornerstone theme support Buy Online, Pick up in Store?

No. The native Cornerstone theme does not support Buy Online, Pick up in Store. To use Buy Online, Pick up in Store on a Stencil storefront, create a custom theme (opens in a new tab) or consider using a headless storefront (opens in a new tab). Does the store control panel support Buy Online, Pick up in Store?

Buy Online, Pick up in Store is primarily API-driven. The store control panel does not provide support comparable to using the APIs. For more information, see our product blog article on Buy Online, Pick up in Store (opens in a new tab).

When is inventory deducted within the checkout? Does BigCommerce support the concept of inventory deductions for checkouts in progress?

No. To keep the logic clean and simple, a store's inventory is not adjusted until a shopper has successfully paid for their order. Any desired inventory reservation functionality should be performed by the implementation.

Assume there is one umbrella left in stock. If two shoppers both have the umbrella in their cart prior to reaching the payment step of checkout, the first to pay will purchase the umbrella, and the second will encounter an out-of-stock message when they reach the payment step of checkout.

Does BigCommerce support in-stock transfers

BigCommerce does not natively support in-stock transfers. This is best handled by an external application, such as an OMS or ERP.

How does performing an order refund affect order consignments?

Order Refunds do not affect order consignments.

How does editing an order affect order consignments?

When an order is edited, the order consignment will be modified to reflect these changes. For example, this includes changes to shipping addresses or line item quantities, as well as the addition or removal of line items.

An order can be edited at any time of the fulfillment lifecycle; this includes orders that have already been fulfilled.

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