Publishing apps

Publishing an App

After completing development, verifying best practices, and checking approval requirements, you may submit your app for Marketplace approval in the Developer Portal (opens in a new tab). This article takes you step-by-step through the submission form and provides descriptions for each field.

Before you begin

Your listing on the App Marketplace (opens in a new tab) plays a major role in your app's success. A good listing accomplishes three goals:

  • Shows users how your platform or solution differs from competitive offerings
  • Includes keywords so prospective users can find your listing in searches
  • Sets up clear and accurate user expectations as to your solution's features and functionality

Before you begin completing the app registration, we recommend prepping the following assets:

  • Company logos
  • Screenshots and video content
  • Case studies

We also recommend giving special attention to the following search indexed fields:

  • App name
  • App summary
  • App category

Provide technical information

Provide the app's technical details to begin the app certification process. Specify the app type, multiple user support, callback URLs, and OAuth scopes, and provide detailed testing instructions.


Multiple UsersOptionally allow your app to be accessible to store users other than the owner
App TypeType of app; single-click recommended
Auth Callback URLRequested when store owner or authorized user clicks install
Load Callback URLRequested when user launches app
Uninstall Callback URLRequested when store owner or authorized user clicks uninstall
OAuth ScopesOAuth scopes the app requires
Test InstructionsInstructions needed to test the app thoroughly

Add a summary

Next, we'll need some basic information about you.

App Summary

Contact NameEmail address created when applying for your Partner ID
Partner NameName of your company​; attributed on the detail page
Partner WebsiteURL to your homepage
Support EmailBusiness mail where users can get help with the app
Support WebsiteUsed for Get Support button in Marketplace
Partner IDRequired for submission; assigned to partners after approval
App NameBrand name given to app for titles and app content; should not include taglines or descriptors
App LogoPrimary app logo; should be 350 x 130px with a white background and dark branding with no taglines
App IconShown on main app detail page and left nav in control panel once installed; should be 200 x 200px
PriceApp's starting price; if offering free plan, choose Free; specify details in Other selection
App SummaryApp tagline used in the marketplace category and search results; 128 characters max
CategoryMarketplace category for app; used as search attribute; BigCommerce may re-categorize prior to launch

Fill in details

Provide a helpful description with screenshots and a video to promote your app. We recommend bullet points followed by short paragraphs with headers. Aim for 200 words in total.


App DetailsValue proposition; avoid fluff or buzzwords; not be indexed for search; 200 words max
VideosVideos highlighting purpose and value of your app
Case StudiesCase studies demonstrating how merchants have benefited from using your app. 4 max
FeaturesApp's major features; include title and description for each; title is search indexed; rich text accepted; 5 max
Legal Terms & PrivacyApp privacy policy and ToS links; legally required
International OptimizationCountries app optimized for and countries app does not support
Help GuidesLinks to app's user and installation guides; highly recommended
App ScreenshotScreenshots of app UI in a BigCommerce store's control panel
Alternate LogoUsed if app featured in Marketplace carousel; should be 259 x 158px (or larger at ratio); color background and light branding; no taglines

Add supported features

Indicate whether your app supports multi-storefront functionality.

App Supported Features

Review submission

Review the information added before submitting the app.


Submit your app for approval

Ensure all information is complete, then click Submit for Review to pay the review and listing fee and submit the app. Test the app before submitting it to avoid paying additional review fees.

Payment & Submission

If you have any questions about your submission, email


Are all fields required?

For Marketplace approval, you'll need to fill out all fields on your listing with applicable content and links. These will be reviewed as part of the Marketplace approval process. The Case Studies field and Videos field are optional.

Am I able to preview the changes to my listing before publishing them?

Yes! With the updated fields in the Developer Portal, we're also adding the ability to preview how these changes will appear on the BigCommerce Marketplace. You will see the option to preview on a new step after Review when editing your listing.

Is there a draft status for these changes, or will saving make them live?

Any changes you save will take effect immediately, so make sure you're ready to push them out to the Marketplace before saving.

I've logged in to the Developer Portal, but I don't see my published listing. Where is it?

You may have logged in with the wrong account. Each listing can only be owned by one user, so it is likely assigned to another email address. If you're unable to track down the correct owner account for your solution, please reach out to

I saved my changes, but my listing has not updated yet. What's the problem?

The changes will be effective immediately in your control panel app card, but the updates can take up to 24 hours to appear on the App Marketplace. Feel free to use this as a grace period to make edits as needed.

Next steps

Review the App Marketplace listing guide (PDF) (opens in a new tab)


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