Channels toolkit reference

Channels Toolkit Reference

This article serves as a comprehensive list of all the tools in Channels Toolkit for quick reference. For a general overview of channels and developing channel apps on BigCommerce, see Channels Introduction.

Required endpoints

All channels must integrate the following endpoints.

ChannelsCreate and manage product listings for multiple storefronts and sales channels
ListingsCreate and manage product listings for multiple storefronts and sales channels
OrdersGet and manage order data
ProductsManage products, options, variants, and modifiers

Recommended endpoints

The following endpoints are recommended for most channels.

Channel Currency AssignmentsManage channel specific currency settings
Price ListsControl variant-level pricing by channel, customer group, etc
Store InformationGet store metadata
ShippingManage how products are shipped
WebhooksGet notified when specific events occur in a BigCommerce store
RoutesCreate and manage page routes for headless storefronts
SitesCreate and manage sites associated with a channel
SettingsRead global and channel specific settings

Extended functionality endpoints

The following endpoints provide extended functionality to channels.

CartsCreate and manage carts
CheckoutsCreate and manage checkouts
CustomersCreate and Manage Customers, Customer Addresses, and Customer Attributes.
CurrenciesManage accepted currencies and their display
CouponsManage coupons
Gift CertificatesManage gift certificates
Customer LoginUse SSO to login customers
Current CustomerSecurely identify current customer
Order Payment ActionsAuthorize, capture, and void order payments
Order TransactionsGet order payment transaction data

UI components

To assist in the rapid development of apps that match the native UI and UX of the control panel, BigCommerce provides UI components and design guidelines to developers via BigDesign (opens in a new tab) -- BigCommerce’s library of React components.

BigDesign Developer Playground (opens in a new tab)BigDesign react component documentation and playground
CodeSandbox app (opens in a new tab)CodeSandbox app showcasing BigDesign components
Big Design Repo (opens in a new tab)GitHub repository for BigDesign components
Figma UI Kit (opens in a new tab)Figma UI kit for BigDesign components

Required UI components

The following UI components are required for channels.

Recommended UI components

The following UI components are highly recommended for channels.


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