Buy online, pick up in store
End-to-end guide

End-to-End API Guide

This document guides you through the steps on how to create customized Buy Online, Pick up in Store solutions for merchants and shoppers. This guide provides a sequence of API calls, framed from the perspective of the merchant and their shoppers. For more on the API endpoints that support Buy Online, Pick up in Store, see Overview.



This guide assumes the merchant already has the following elements configured:

UI NamePermissionParameterDescription
Store Inventorymodifystore_inventoryView and modify the store inventory
Store Locationsmodifystore_locationsView and modify store locations
Fulfillment Methodsmodifystore_fulfillment_methods_manageView and modify order fulfillment methods
Order Fulfillmentmodifystore_order_fulfillment_manageView and modify order fulfillments


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