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Translating Page Regions

Translating Regions

Themes now support translations for a specific region, which localizes the region name within Page Builder. Within the region HTML, we can now add a translation field to point to the correct localization from schema_translations.json.

Translating regions example

In this example, we will translate several regions on the home page. The following code sample contains translated fields that localize the layers pane within PageBuilder.

  1. Add translation fields to the home page (/templates/pages/home.html).
  • Translation must follow prefix “i18n.RegionName.”
  • You can only add a translation field to a {{{ region }}} field.
<div class="main full">
    {{#if products.featured}}
        {{> components/products/featured products=products.featured 
    {{{region name="home_below_featured_products" 
    {{#if products.top_sellers}}
        {{> components/products/top products=products.top_sellers 
    {{{region name="home_below_top_products" 
        {{> components/products/new 
    {{{region name="home_below_new_products" 
    {{{region name="below_content--global" 
  1. Add region translations to the schema_translations.json file.
  • Region translations must live within the schema_translations.json file.
  • Language code must contain a default value.
  • Language code outside of default will support two character language code as well as multiple character language code (which is formatted by two lowercase letters, a dash, and at least two alphanumeric characters after). Example provided below:
    • Example of two character language code “en”, “fr”, “uk”, “zh”.
    • Example of multiple character language code “fr-FR”, “zh-CN”, “en-US”, “uk-UA”, “es-419”.


 "i18n.RegionName.HomeBelowMenu": {
   "default": "Home Below Menu",
   "en": "Home Below Menu",
   "fr-FR": "Accueil Ci-dessous Menu",
   "zh": "主页下方菜单",
   "zh-CN": "主页下方菜单"
 "i18n.RegionName.HomeBelowCarousel": {
   "default": "Home Below Carousel",
   "en": "Home Below Carousel",
   "fr-FR": "Accueil Ci-dessous Carrousel",
   "zh": "旋转木马下方的主页",
   "zh-CN": "旋转木马下方的主页"
 "i18n.RegionName.HomeBelowFeaturedProducts": {
   "default": "Home Below Featured Products",
   "en": "Home Below Featured Products",
   "fr-FR": "Accueil Ci-dessous Produits en vedette",
   "zh": "主页 特色产品",
   "zh-CN": "主页 特色产品"
 "i18n.RegionName.HomeBelowTopProducts": {
   "default": "Home Below Top Products",
   "en": "Home Below Top Products",
   "fr-FR": "Accueil Ci-dessous Top Produits",
   "zh": "主页 热门产品下方",
   "zh-CN": "主页 热门产品下方"
 "i18n.RegionName.HomeBelowNewProducts": {
   "default": "Home Below New Products",
   "en": "Home Below New Products",
   "fr-FR": "Accueil Ci-dessous Nouveaux produits",
   "zh": "新产品首页",
   "zh-CN": "新产品首页"
 "i18n.RegionName.HeaderBottomGlobal": {
   "default": "Header Bottom (Global)",
   "en": "Header Bottom (Global)",
   "fr-FR": "Bas de l'en-tête (global)",
   "zh": "标题底部(全局)",
   "zh-CN": "标题底部(全局)"
 "i18n.RegionName.HeaderBottom": {
   "default": "Header Bottom",
   "en": "Header Bottom",
   "fr-FR": "Bas de l'en-tête",
   "zh": "标题底部",
   "zh-CN": "标题底部"
  1. Change the language in the control panel settings to view the translated regions. Go to My Profile > Edit Profile > Preferred language.


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