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App Compatibility

When you use BigCommerce for WordPress, your storefront is rendered by WordPress rather than BigCommerce, so some apps that you use for a BigCommerce-powered storefront may no longer be compatible.

Supported Apps

For the most part, any app that operates solely on the backend can be used without modification on WordPress. This includes apps that interface with our catalog, order, shipping, and customer APIs. You can find hundreds of compatible apps in these categories:

Unsupported Apps

Apps that modify the storefront are currently not supported. This includes Customer Acquisition & Retention (opens in a new tab) apps show banners, pop-ups, or other storefront modifications.

Although a specific BigCommerce app may not be available, you may be able to find an alternative in the WordPress Plugin Directory. For example, some companies, like Mailchimp (opens in a new tab), build both BigCommerce apps and WordPress plugins. Keep that in mind when searching for a solution.

Bolt Checkout for BigCommerce

It's also possible to integrate into BigCommerce for WordPress by creating additional plugins that hook into and extend functionality; for example, Bolt's WordPress plugin: Bolt Checkout for BigCommerce (opens in a new tab). For more information on how Bolt used BigCommerce for WordPress to build their plugin, see How Bolt Built an Internet-Wide Checkout UX (opens in a new tab).

If you are a BigCommerce app developer and would like to help our merchants on WordPress too, reach out to our App Marketplace team at

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