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Most of the plugin's functionality is exposed on the front-end of the site through shortcodes embedded on automatically created pages. The code controlling those shortcodes can be found in the classes in src/BigCommerce/Shortcodes.

Products Shortcode


The product shortcode can be used to include one or more products on other pages or posts on the WordPress site. Click the Add Products button above the editor to select products or build a dynamic query to include in the page.

While the shortcode can be built using the button, it can also be created manually. It accepts a number of optional attributes:

AttributeExpected ValueExample
idA comma delimited list of BigCommerce product IDs[bigcommerce_product id="11,13"]
post_idA comma delimited list of WordPress product post IDs[bigcommerce_product post_id="12,22"]
skuA comma delimited list of BigCommerce product SKUs[bigcommerce_product sku="ex44,ex47"]
categoryA comma delimited list of Product Category slugs[bigcommerce_product category="tee_shirts,pants"]
brandA comma delimited list of Brand slugs[bigcommerce_product brand="sony,rca"]
featuredSet to 1 to limit the query to featured products[bigcommerce_product featured="1"]
recentSet to 1 to limit the query to products imported in the last 2 days[bigcommerce_product recent="1"]
saleSet to 1 to limit the query to sale products[bigcommerce_product sale="1"]
searchA search string to match against product titles, BigCommerce product IDs, or SKUs[bigcommerce_product search="CoolProduct Title"]
pagedSet to 0 to disable pagination[bigcommerce_product paged="0"]
per_pageThe number of products to show per page. Defaults to the value set in the theme customizer[bigcommerce_product per_page="12"]
orderWhether to sort products in "ASC" or "DESC" order[bigcommerce_product order="ASC"]
orderbyWhich field to use for sorting. Accepts any field that WP_Query accepts (e.g., title, date)[bigcommerce_product orderby="title"]

Component Shortcodes


The component shortcode lets you include an attribute for a particular product in pages and posts across your WordPress site. Within the Block Editor, click the plus symbol on the area of the page you want to add the component to and select BigCommerce Product Components. This creates a Gutenberg block containing a product's information. You must specify a Product ID, then select the product component you'd like to display.

You can build the shortcode using the Block Editor, or it can be created manually. It accepts a number of attributes:

AttributeExpected ValueExample
skuThe product's base SKU[bc-component id="163" type="SKU"]
imageThe product's feature image[bc-component id="163" type="image"]
titleThe product's title[bc-component id="163" type="title"]
descriptionThe product's description[bc-component id="163" type="description"]
add_to_cartDisplays an add-to-cart button for the product[bc-component id="163" type="add_to_cart"]

Other Shortcodes

[bigcommerce_signin_form]The form for users to log in to the site. If user registration is enabled, it will also give a link to the registration page.
[bigcommerce_registration_form]A form to register a new customer account
[bigcommerce_cart]The items currently in the customer’s cart
[bigcommerce_account_profile]A form to update the customer’s profile
[bigcommerce_order_history]A list of the customer’s past orders
[bigcommerce_shipping_address_list]A list of the customer’s shipping addresses, and forms to add, remove, or update addresses
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