Global regions guide

Global Regions

Global regions are special regions you can use to place and manage content sitewide. In this tutorial, we will explore the concept of global regions by creating a global region and placing a widget in it using Page Builder.


To edit theme files locally, we recommend using Stencil CLI, BigCommerce’s powerful theme development and deployment tool.

Create a global region

As with non-global regions, you add global regions at the template file level. For a global region to appear on all of the targeted pages, you need to add that region to the templates of the pages you want to target.

Let's start by creating a global region called below_content--global and adding it to your store's home and category pages. In your theme's template files, add {{{region name="below_content--global"}}} to templates/pages/home.html and templates/pages/category.html as shown in the following examples.


<div class="main full">
    {{#if products.featured}}
        {{> components/products/featured products=products.featured columns=theme_settings.homepage_featured_products_column_count}}
    {{{region name="home_below_featured_products"}}}
    {{#if products.top_sellers}}
        {{> components/products/top products=products.top_sellers columns=theme_settings.homepage_top_products_column_count}}
    {{{region name="home_below_top_products"}}}
        {{> components/products/new columns=theme_settings.homepage_new_products_column_count}}
    {{{region name="home_below_new_products"}}}
    {{{region name="below_content--global"}}} 


<main class="page-content" id="product-listing-container">
    {{> components/category/product-listing}}
    {{{region name="category_below_content"}}}
    {{{region name="below_content--global"}}}

If you are using Stencil CLI and editing theme files locally, push and apply your changes before proceeding to the next step.

To preview the global region you just created, launch Page Builder (opens in a new tab) by going to Storefront > My Theme in the control panel, then click Customize.

Scroll to the bottom of your home page. You should see the below_content--global region under the non-global region below New Products.

Global Region

Place a widget in the global region

To test your global region's functionality, drag and drop one of the basic widgets from the left pane into the below_content--global region, then click Preview. You should see the widget you just placed displayed on the home page and the category pages of your store.

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