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Add Stored Payment Methods

Adding Stored Payment Methods

Cornerstone release 2.6.0 added stored payment method management for saved credit cards to the customer account.php page. Cornerstone 4.4.0 expands this functionality to include saving PayPal accounts via PayPal powered by Braintree (opens in a new tab). This article contains instructions for manually applying the changes made in 4.4.0 to themes version 2.6.0 to 4.3.1. For a full diff of the files to change, see Pull Request #1603 (opens in a new tab). If you're developing on a theme older than version 2.6.0 you'll first need to apply the changes made in 2.6.0; to do so, see Stored Credit Card Management. For theme update best practices, see Theme Updates and Version Control.

Save PayPal Account

Update config.json

In config.json, replace account_payment_methods in the features array with account_payment_methods_v2 and add csrf_protection:

  "name": "Cornerstone",
  "version": "4.3.1",
  "meta": {
    "features": [
      "csrf_protection",        // <-- add csrf_protection
      "account_payment_methods" // <-- replace with account_payment_methods_v2

Then add the supported_payment_methods array (opens in a new tab) and append card and paypal to it:

    "supported_card_type_icons": [
    "supported_payment_methods": [ // <-- Add supported_payment_methods array
      "card",                      // <-- whitelist card and paypal
    "lazyload_mode": "lazyload+lqip"

This will enable saving PayPal and credit card accounts (and other non credit card payment methods) on the theme.

See the full diff, refer to Pull Request #1603 (opens in a new tab).

Update payment-methods-list.html

Once the config changes listed above are made, a new version of the payment_methods object will be given to the template.

To use the updated object, apply the changes from Pull Request #1603 (opens in a new tab) to payment-methods-list.html.

Once applied, saved PayPal accounts will be displayed in the payment method list:

Payment Method List

Update edit-payment-method.html

The customer.edit_stored_instrument object has been lightly extended to include a type attribute.

Using type, we can show or hide fields based on the current instrument being stored_card or stored_paypal_account. The type is also posted back to the form handler in a hidden input so the handler can update the right kind of instrument accordingly.

Modify edit-payment-method.html to include changes from Pull Request #1603 (opens in a new tab) to add the new user interface elements and behavior.

Update _paymentMethods.scss

To style the newly added UI elements, update _paymentMethods.scss with the changes from Pull Request #1603 (opens in a new tab).

Add PayPal Logo

Included in the changes to payment-methods-list.html is a PayPal logo that's displayed on the payment method cards:

<img class="methodHeader-icon" src="{{cdn 'img/payment-methods/paypal.svg'}}" alt="{{lang 'account.payment_methods.paypal'}}" title="{{lang 'account.payment_methods.paypal'}}">

Download the .svg and save it to assets/img/payment-methods:

cd assets/img/payment-methods/paypal.svg
curl -O

Update en.json

At minimum, a translation for the en needs to be added to `lang/en.json: Pull Request #1603 (opens in a new tab). Add translations for other locales as needed.


Where is the card data stored?

Card data is stored securely with the payment gateway.

Is storing credit cards PCI compliant?

Card data is stored securely with the payment gateway. The BigCommerce store is NOT storing the payment data.

Can shoppers modify their stored card?

After adding a card, shoppers can modify the billing address. To modify other the other details, shoppers will need to delete and re-add the card.


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