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Shrinking a Theme by Excluding Static Assets Using WebDAV

Restructuring Your Theme

In this section, you will first isolate static assets from your theme’s local directory, then use WebDAV to cloud-host those assets, and finally reference those assets using Stencil’s cdn Handlebars helper. For an existing theme, make a backup of your whole <theme‑name> directory before proceeding.

Examine your theme’s /assets/ subdirectory and/or its intended contents. Check for large static assets like images (especially in /assets/img/) and videos that are likely culprits in causing a bundled .zip file to go toward or beyond BigCommerce’s 50 MB limit.

Use WebDAV to upload these items to WebDAV’s remote /content/ directory. For WebDAV specifics, please see BigCommerce’s Knowledge Base articles on:

Throughout your theme, reference each of these assets using Stencil’s cdn custom Handlebars helper – prepending the webdav: option to the assetPath parameter.

Prepending webdav: will build a URL in the remote WebDAV directory. This allows your theme’s deployed topology to diverge from any your local directory structure. As noted above, the cdn helper will treat /content/ as the default/root WebDAV directory. So, for example, this statement:

<img src="{{cdn "webdav:img/image.jpg"}}">

will build the URL transformed below:

<img src="https://cdn.bcapp/3dsf74g/content/img/image.jpg">

On your local machine, move the large static assets to a location where the stencil bundle command will ignore them. This can be a location outside your <theme-name> directory, or it can be the <theme-name>/assets/cdn/ subdirectory, which stencil bundle excludes from bundling. Separating these assets is necessary to exclude them from the next step.

Run or re-run the stencil bundle command, from inside your streamlined <theme‑name> directory. Once your resulting .zip file is 50 MB or smaller, upload it to BigCommerce, as described here.

URL References to Assets

Both in production and locally, subdirectories of your theme’s assets/ directory – like img/,js/, and fonts/ – are parallel to its scss/ subdirectory. So within your CSS, path references to such assets should reflect this parallel relationship – for example: ../img/test.jpg.

WebDAV Folders and Stencil Themes

If you have used WebDAV in developing BigCommerce’s earlier (Blueprint) generation of themes, you will see some differences when uploading Stencil themes.

The directories accessible through WebDAV will dynamically change, depending on the type of theme that is active in the merchant’s store, as follows:

Available while the merchant's active theme is Blueprint: Available while the merchant's active theme is Stencil:
/content/ /content/
/product_images/ /product_images/
/product_downloads/ /product_downloads/
/import_files/ /import_files/
/exports/ /exports/
/template/ -
/mobile_template/ -

The overall difference is that the WebDAV /template/ and /mobile_template/ directories are not available for Stencil themes. These templates must reside and remain within your Stencil theme’s local directory and file structure.