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Invoking Translation Keys

Translation Syntax

Once keys and values are defined in the appropriate .json translation files, you invoke dynamic translation strings using the Stencil framework’s {{lang}} custom Handlebars helper. Your invocation would follow this generic format:

{{lang "translation.key" optionalVariable=”someValue”}}

Here is how this works. In a non-internationalized theme, a storefront page might include a static/dynamic string like this:

<a href="{{ urls.account }}">Welcome Back <span>{{ customer.name }}</span></a>

The corresponding internationalized version – ready to work with any language – would substitute the fully dynamic {{ lang... }} Handlebars helper shown below:

<a href="{{ urls.account }}">{{ lang "header.welcome_back" name=customer.name }}</a>

Video Demo

Watch a video demonstration of how JSON translation files’ key/value pairs interact with your templates’ Handlebars statements to localize your storefront pages:

File Permissions Required

Be sure to set permission 644 (rw-r–r–) on any new translation files that you add. Without these permissions, running your theme locally will fail, with multiple error messages. Bundling your theme will also fail, blocking its upload to a store.