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Cart Price Properties: Relationships

Cart Price Properties: Relationships

This page shows the relationship of price properties available on the {{cart.items}} object. These properties’ values cascade as follows.

For a single cart item, the rrp property contains the list price, also known as MSRP:

"rrp": { 
  "formatted": "$130.00",
  "value": 130

Let’s assume that the standard store price for this item is actually $100.00, and that these bulk discount rules are applied:

"bulk_pricing": { 
  "base_price": {
    "formatted": "$100.00",
    "value": 100
  "discount_percentage": 5,  
  "discount_amount": null

Within {{cart.items}}, the price property contains the item’s price after bulk discounts, but before cart discounts and promotions:

"price": { 
  "formatted": "$95.00",
  "value": 95

The price_discounted property contains the item’s price after cart discounts and promotions:

"price_discounted": {  
  "formatted": "$85.50",
  "value": 85.5