BigCommerce for Wordpress

Multisite Setup

When connecting more than one WordPress site to your BigCommerce store, you need to use an API account to link them. If you try to connect using the ‘connect your store’ flow, which uses a BigCommerce app to streamline the connection, your first WordPress site will lose its connection to BigCommerce.

Multi-site and subdirectories

Multiple sites can share the same API credentials, or you can choose to create a new set of credentials for each site.

Configuration Method Is Supported
Subdirectories No
Subdomains Yes
Separate Domains Yes*

Note that embedded checkout is only supported on a single domain at a time. See the BigCommerce for WordPress documentation.*

Getting your API credentials

  1. To get your store’s API credentials, sign in to your BigCommerce store and head to Advanced Settings > API Accounts.

Click ‘Create API Account’ to get credentials

#### Click 'Create API Account' to get credentials

  1. Click the blue Create API Account button on the top left-hand side. This opens up a screen that will ask you to enter a name and select scopes for the API account.

Fill in the Name and OAuth Scopes.

#### Fill in the Name and OAuth Scopes.

API account name field

We suggest ‘WordPress’ for the name, although you can name it anything you’d like as long as it’s unique within your API accounts and is more than three characters.

  1. For the OAuth Scopes, select the following default settings:
OAuth Scope Default Selection
Content None
Checkout Content None
Customers Modify
Customers Login Login
Information & Settings Modify
Marketing Read-Only
Orders Read-Only
Order Transactions Read-Only
Create Payments None
Get Payment Methods Read-Only
Products Read-Only
Themes None
Carts Modify
Checkouts Modify
Sites & Routes Modify
Channel Settings Modify
Channel Listings Modify
Storefront API Tokens None
Storefront API Customer Impersonation Tokens None
  1. After you have finished setting a name and selecting scopes, click Save. You will then see a modal that contains the Client ID, Client Secret and Access Token necessary for the remaining fields in the WordPress API Credentials settings.

API credentials

#### API credentials

.txt file download

You’ll also see a .txt file download in your browser that contains the same information in an easy-to-read format, once again including your API Path in case you didn’t copy it before.

.txt file download

#### .txt file download

Setting up a WordPress site using API account credentials

  1. To set up a WordPress site using this method, click Enter your API credentials on the welcome screen in the plugin.

WordPress plugin welcome screen

#### WordPress Plugin Welcome Screen

  1. Enter your API credentials on your WordPress site. Saving the API credentials on your WordPress site will direct you to name the channel that the plugin will create. This allows you to list product to the channel from within BigCommerce and link orders back to the channel that comes from the WordPress site. You can also link to an existing channel.

Congratulations, you’re done setting up your additional site!

WordPress currency processing

The WordPress sites you connect to your BigCommerce store will process in the same currency as the BigCommerce store.

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