BigCommerce for Wordpress

App Compatibility

When you use BigCommerce for WordPress, WordPress renders your storefront. This means that there are differences in the types of BigCommerce apps that are compatible. For the most part, any app that operates solely on the backend can be used without modification on WordPress, such as apps that interface with our catalog, order, shipping, and customer APIs.

There are over a hundred BigCommerce apps that will work with BigCommerce for WordPress, including apps in these categories:

Apps that modify the storefront are currently not supported, such as apps that add popup promotions or banners. A good example of apps that would not work, since they are adding content to the BigCommerce storefront, would be Customer Acquisition & Retention apps.

There are some companies, like Mailchimp, who build BigCommerce apps and also WordPress plugins. Keep that in mind when searching for a solution.

If you are a BigCommerce app developer and would like to help our merchants on WordPress too, please reach out to our App Marketplace team at!