Store-Wide Global Panels

The following panels are available store-wide:

Variable Description
HTMLHead Content shown between the <head> tags of each page. This includes code for visitor tracking, RSS feeds, etc.
Header The header for each page in the store (includes the TopMenu and HeaderSearch panels)
Footer The footer for each page in the store.
SideCategoryList A list of categories shown in the store, to the category depth configured in the control panel.
SideNewProducts A list of products recently added to the store.
SideNewsletterBox The newsletter subscription form.
SideShopByBrand A list of popular brands on the store (based on the number of products in each brand).
SideProductRecentlyViewed A list of the products recently viewed by the current customer.
SideTopSellers A list of top selling-products on the store (based purely on the number of times the product has sold on this store).
SidePopularProducts A list of popular products on the store (by average rating).
SideLiveChatServices Any live chat service code that has been integrated in to the store.
SideCurrencySelector The store currency selection box, containing the list of currencies configured on the store.
SideCartContents A list of items in currently in the customer’s cart.
TopMenu The top navigation menu (Home, My Account, Sign In or Create Account, etc.)
PagesMenu A list of parent-level pages configured on the store.
HeaderSearch The search box included at the top of each of the store’s pages.