Theme update process

Theme Update Process

Here is how BigCommerce and our partners collaborate to integrate a partner's theme changes/updates into the BigCommerce Theme Marketplace (which merchants also know as our "theme store"):


Integrating a partner's theme changes requires these preconditions:

  • Partner has an existing theme in the BigCommerce Theme Marketplace.

  • BigCommerce sets up a Theme Development store (or converts an existing regular store) and applies the theme. All theme files will automatically be copied into the WebDAV /template/ directory.

Template Path Abstracted

The Theme Development store resolves the %%GLOBAL_TPL_PATH%% variable into /template/. Therefore, assets will be pulled from the /template/ directory, which is accessible via WebDAV or via the BigCommerce control panel.

Update Process

  1. The partner switches on Theme Development mode, by using:
  2. The partner asks BigCommerce to switch a theme. (Partners currently cannot switch it directly, because it’s a paid theme.)

This step will wipe out all files in the /template/ directory and copy in the latest version of the integrated theme.

  1. The partner pulls changes from BigCommerce's GitHub fork, to get the most recent version onto their local machine as well.
  2. The partner makes appropriate changes to CSS/HTML files.
  3. The partner commits their changes into the feature branch, and opens a pull request against the BigCommerce fork.

If BigCommerce made conflicting changes (which should happen only when resolving urgent issues), the partner might need to rebase changes (using git rebase master) in order to resolve the conflicts.

  1. Partner emails their Git URL to the BigCommerce Theme Marketplace.
  2. BigCommerce integrates changes into BigCommerce Themes.

Other Requirements

  • Partners must not change the repository's directory structure or directory names.
  • Files should have permission 644 (rw-r–r–).
  • Directories should have permission 755 (drwxr-x-r-x).
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