Payments API
Get Accepted Methods

Accepted Payment Methods

The Payments API processes payments using payment instruments such as credit cards or PayPal accounts. To learn more about Payments, see the Payments Overview.

The Get accepted payment methods endpoint returns information about the payment methods each configured payment gateway accepts. This information optimizes your implementation's likelihood of making successful payments requests that return errors solely when payment methods fail, without making API calls to the gateway prior to running the payment.

For a list of compatible payment gateways, as well as a guide through the API call sequence needed to make charges, see the Payments Overview.

This endpoint uses the X-Auth-Token header to authenticate. For an X-Auth-Token example request, see the related section in our Authentication article.

To learn more about authenticating Payments endpoints, locate the Authentication section at the top of each endpoint, then click Show Details.



Additional Payments endpoints

Get Accepted Payment Methods

GET /payments/methods


Returns a list of accepted payment methods based on the order_id or checkout_id.


  • Use the Create an Order endpoint to generate the order_id.
  • Orders created will be set to incomplete order status.
  • The cart ID and checkout ID are the same.

Required Fields

  • order_id or checkout_id


  • X-Auth-Token in header - required


  • store_hash in path - string
  • Accept in header with default of application/json - string - required

    The MIME type of the response body.

  • order_id in query - integer

    Identifier for the order

  • checkout_id in query - string

    Identifier for the checkout (same as the cart ID)




object | application/json
  • data

  • meta

    Response metadata.