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Customer Segmentation


How will a promotion be applied to shoppers associated with a targeted segment?

For a promotion to apply, you must assign a customer to the targeted segment, and they must sign in to the subject storefront.

For automatic promotions, the discount automatically applies itself to the cart of each eligible signed-in customer. For coupon promotions, the signed-in customer must enter a valid coupon code associated with the promotion during checkout.

Can you segment guests where customer_id=0?

Not currently. This beta version of the Customer Segmentation API doesn’t support segmenting guest shoppers; only registered customers can be assigned to segments.

How many segments are supported?

During the beta, we support up to 100 segments per store. The number of segments we support may increase as a result of the feedback we collect during beta testing.

What’s the difference between customer segments and customer groups?

Customer groups allow you to group shoppers based on more permanent characteristics, like tax zones or shopper consent to collect GDPR-compliant data. A registered customer can only belong to one group at a time.

Customer segments provide greater flexibility. They leverage both the permanent and transient characteristics of a shopper to drive highly personalized shopping experiences. A shopper profile can belong to multiple segments.




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