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Customer Segmentation

Customer Segmentation API (Beta) Overview

Beta access

This API is currently in beta. We may introduce breaking changes without notice. During the beta, we support the following capabilities:

  • Create manual segments with the API - leverage externally-defined customer segments using third-party tools and quickly transfer this data into and out of BigCommerce.
  • Add a shopper to multiple segments - shoppers, or registered customers, can belong to up to 100 segments, meaning you can target a registered customer with multiple promotional experiences.
  • Use segments with the Promotions API - apply a promotion to target multiple segments of shoppers, and exclude shoppers within a segment from receiving this promotion.


A customer segment is a collection of shoppers that share specific characteristics. Segmentation defines groups of shoppers that a merchant wants to target with a Promotion, or dedicated value proposition.

As a BigCommerce merchant, agency, and/or tech partner needing to improve a merchant store’s personalization strategy, the Customer Segmentation API enables the creation of externally defined segments that you can target within a promotion.

Manual segments created with the Segmentation API will be visible within the Promotions Advanced Editor Control Panel UI Targeting section.

Promotion targeting segment.png

For participants using the Promotions API, manual segments created with the Segmentation API will also be available to be targeted within the Promotions API.

Exclusive enterprise feature

The Customer Segmentation API is available to enterprise customers. If you would like to become an enterprise customer, please contact your BigCommerce Customer Service Manager or our support team.

Segments and shopper profiles

This beta introduces two new objects that are both high-level entities with a many-to-many relationship: segments and shopper profiles.

Screen Shot 2021-08-06 at 3.50.00 pm.png




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