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Create and manage sales channels, their sites, and their product listings.


Authenticate requests by including an OAuth access_token in the request header.

Content-Type: application/json
X-Auth-Token: {{ACCESS_TOKEN}}

OAuth Scopes

UI Name Permission Parameter
Channel Listings modify store_channel_listings
Channel Listings read-only store_channel_listings_read_only
Channel Settings modify store_channel_settings
Channel Settings read-only store_channel_settings_read_only


A channel is anywhere a merchant sells their products. This encompasses headless storefronts, marketplaces, POS systems, and marketing platforms.


A channel’s type and platform combination must be a valid pair as indicated in the table below.

Platform Accepted Type
square pos
vend pos
clover pos
facebook marketplace,marketing
amazon marketplace
ebay marketplace
wordpress storefront
drupal storefont
acquia storefront
bloomreach storefront
deity storefront
next storefront
google_shopping marketing
custom storefront, pos, marketing, marketplace


Allowed values for a channel’s status vary by channel type and platform.

Type Platform Allowed Statuses
storefront bigcommerce prelaunch, active, inactive, deleted
storefront Is not bigcommerce active, inactive, disconnected, deleted
marketing, marketplace, pos N/A connected, disconnected, deleted


  • The terminated status is readonly. terminated channels can not be restored.
  • As of April 2020, status should be used in place of is_enabledis_enabled is deprecated.

Channel listings

Channel listings allow you to manage catalog differences among different storefronts or marketplaces.

Channel site

A Channel site refers to the domain associated with a channel.