Shipments are created from orders. A shipment represents a grouping of order line items that are shipped to a customer, and multiple shipments can be created from a single order.

The V2 Shipping API allows you to manage Shipping Zones, Shipping Methods, and Shipping Carrier Connections.

The Order Shipments resource creates a shipment for an order. You can specify the shipping provider, tracking number and shipping address id when creating a shipment.

Storefront Checkout and Server-to-Server Checkout API

The Storefront Checkout and Server-to-Server Checkout APIs provide methods for managing a checkout up until the point when it is finalized into an order. Because shipments can only be created from finalized orders, a shipment cannot be created from Checkout API endpoints.

However, both the Storefront and Server-to-Server Checkout APIs provide methods for creating a Consignment, which specifies the line items that should ship to a particular address. Creating a Consignment corresponds with the actions that a shopper might take when filling out the storefront checkout page, assigning the items in their basket to their respective shipping destinations.

A Checkout will always have one Consignment assigned to it, which is the first shipping address. A Consignment supports multiple shipping addresses, with each address having its own line items.

Order Shipping Addresses

The Order Shipping Addresses endpoint allows you to view the shipping addresses on an order. This will be the address(es) the items are shipped to. An order can have more than one shipping address.

Shipping Zone and Shipping Methods

Shipping zones can be configured in the control panel or using the API to designate where a merchant ships their products and which shipping methods should be available in each geographic region.

An example of a shipping zone might be North America, and within that shipping zone, the shipping methods might be Free Shipping, Ship-by-Weight, and USPS.

Real-Time Carriers

BigCommerce offers native integrations with many real-time shipping carriers such as UPS, Fedex, and USPS. The Real-Time Carriers resource allows you to connect an account for one of our natively supported shipping carrier integrations.

For a list of all supported carriers, see Real-Time Quote Providers.


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