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Staying Current with Platform Changes

At BigCommerce, we strive to offer the best ecommerce experience to our customers. Occasionally, we make updates to our platform to improve performance, add new features, or fix bugs. This article provides general information on how to stay current with the latest changes.

General updates

For up-to-date information about the latest releases, new features, and bug fixes, we recommend setting up a feed alert for the Developer Changelog.

Additionally, you can gain more visibility into product updates by attending BigCommerce’s Town Hall webinar programs and reading the Product and Developer blogs.

For a complete list of available resources, see Support.

Cornerstone theme updates

For recent updates to the Stencil’s Cornerstone theme, we recommend setting up a feed alert for the Developer Changelog. You can also refer to the Cornerstone repository in GitHub.

In most cases, your theme will update automatically. Occasionally, you may have to take some action by opting in to the new feature in the control panel.

Custom themes

Depending on the level of customization, you may need to manually port changes into your custom theme. The Theme Updates and Version Control article talks about the steps you can take to keep your custom theme up-to-date with BigCommerce theme updates and version releases. To learn more about customization and applying updates, see Apply Updates.

API updates

To keep up with API changes, we recommend setting up a feed alert for the Developer Changelog.

As BigCommerce continues to deprecate V2 API endpoints and operations, consider migrating your store to the V3 API to take advantage of new features and improved performance. For more information on V3 improvements and to learn about the differences between the V2 and V3 APIs, see Difference between V2 and V3 Catalog REST APIs. To compare major V2 and V3 operations, see V2 to V3 Catalog Operations Comparison. For planned deprecations and sunsets, refer to Deprecations and Sunsets.

Open betas

Our Product Blog is the best place to learn about the upcoming open betas.

Checkout SDK updates

The Checkout JavaScript SDK and associated documentation are available from the Checkout SDK repository. For information on Optimized One-Page Checkout, see the Checkout JS repository.