What is a Customer?

A customer is anyone who has made a purchase on a store and created an account. BigCommerce then stores email address, customer address, and name against as a record. This information can be queried via the API.

Customer Groups

Customer groups allow you to organize your customers, give them discounts, and restrict access to specific products or categories. For more information see Customer Groups.

Customer Groups only available on specific plans

Customer Login API

The Customer Login API allows for single sign-on. Once a customer has authenticated by logging in to a third party system (CMS, portal, or app), you can use the customer login API to seamlessly log the customer into their BigCommerce customer account.

Current Customer API

The Current Customer API allows your application to identify logged in customers. This is useful when you need to show customer specific information.

What is a Subscriber?

A subscriber is someone who has signed up for a store’s newsletter.
Subscribers can be added by:

  • Signing up for the newsletter via the signup box located in the footer of most storefront themes
  • Signing up for the newsletter during checkout
  • POSTing to the Subscribers API

Where possible, the API indicates the origin of the subscriber. If the subscriber was added during checkout, the Order ID is included.


Store settings can be set to allow a shopper to complete checkout without creating an account. These shoppers are not captured as customers or stored in the BigCommerce system. If you want to capture guest data, using the Storefront APIs can help.

Subscribers vs. Customers

  1. A subscriber is not always a customer. Someone can signup for the newsletter only and not create an account.
  2. A customer is not always a subscriber. Signing up for the newsletter is a separate action from creating an account and purchasing an item.
  3. A customer and a subscriber can be the same. If a shopper checks out on the storefront and opts into the newsletter, they are not a customer and a subscriber.

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