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Additional Customizations
Editing Email Templates

Customizing Emails

This article provides information on how to create your own unique email templates using our legacy framework.

For information on customizing email templates on our latest theme framework engine, see Customizing Emails (opens in a new tab) and Handlebars Email Template Objects.

BigCommerce Legacy Email Templates

Email templates provide the framework for the store emails automatically sent to customers. You can edit these templates locally then upload them to the store via WebDav, or make changes to them directly in the store's control panel. For information on which user actions trigger these emails to be sent to a customer, see Email Template Files and Snippets (opens in a new tab).

Accessing and Editing Legacy Email Templates

To access and edit BigCommerce email templates:

  1. Connect to your store via the WebDav client of your choice. For more on connecting to a store via WebDav, see File Access (WebDav) (opens in a new tab).

  2. Download the base templates from the /email_templates/ folder.

  3. Make changes to the templates locally. Re-upload modified templates to the /email_templates/ folder.