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Deprecations and sunsets

Deprecations and Sunsets

This article provides a reference for deprecated APIs and exposes BigCommerce's plans to sunset specific API operations and properties. We recommend setting up a feed alert for our Developer Changelog to receive the most up-to-date information about API changes. For more information on how to set up a feed alert, see changelog.


The following APIs, features, and tools are deprecated. We discourage using these listed items, as BigCommerce either no longer supports them or won't be providing additional support or new features. Instead, consider using the suggested replacements.

Deprecated API or featureReplacement
/v2/brandsCatalog V3 Brands
/v3/content/widgets/searchWidgets V3, Get all widgets
/v2/categoriesCatalog V3 Catalog Trees - Categories
/v3/catalog/categoriesCatalog V3 Catalog Trees - Categories
/v2/customersCustomers V3
/v3/hooks/eventsGet Events
/v2/optionsCatalog V3 Product Modifiers, Catalog V3 Product Variant Options. See the Accessing product options callout.
/v2/option_setsCatalog V3 Product Modifiers, Catalog V3 Product Variant Options. The option_sets endpoint is intentionally not available in the V3 Catalog API. For more information, see V2 vs V3 Catalog APIs.
/v2/pagesPages V3
/v2/products Catalog V3 Products
/v2/redirectsRedirects V3

Accessing product options with V3

In V3, modifiers attach directly to products and options attach to variants. Use options and modifiers together to access the contents of the former V2 options response.

Product tools

We no longer support the following general product tools.

Deprecated toolSupport end date
Google AMP (opens in a new tab)January 18th 2023
Google's Universal Analytics (opens in a new tab)July 1st 2023

Stencil CLI

We no longer support the following Stencil CLI versions.

Deprecated toolSupport end date
Stencil CLI (versions 6 and older)June 3rd 2024


We have removed the following features, APIs, and endpoints.

Sunset feature, endpoint, or APIReplacement
Legacy email templatesHandlebars email templates; Overview, API reference
DELETE Collection Customers V2Customers V3 - Delete customers
DELETE All Customer Groups Customers V2None
DELETE Collection Option Sets V2None; can still be deleted individually by ID.
DELETE Collection Products V2Products V3, Delete products or individually, Products V2, Delete a product

We have removed the following properties.

APISunset propertyReplacement property
Channels V3is_enabledstatus

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