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Create a Sandbox Store

A sandbox store cannot process transactions and is for developing and testing apps without the 15-day time limit of a trial store.

This article will walk you through the steps of creating a sandbox store.

Creating a sandbox store

  1. Go to the BigCommerce Pricing page and select Start your free trial.
  2. When prompted for an email address, enter the same email you used when applying to become a partner.
  3. In the trial store setup form, enter a store name, password, and other details. Then select Create your store.
  4. Log into your Partner account to access the Partner Portal.
  5. Navigate to Support > Contact Support and select Create a Support Case.
  6. Select the type of issue you have (Product Support or Billing Support).
  7. Select Yes to the question “Is this related to a specific store?”
  8. While completing the form, use “Partner Sandbox” as the subject line. In the case description, enter your new sandbox store’s canonical URL (for example: and request conversion to a sandbox.
  9. Under Issue Type, select Merchant Account Services. Click Create Case. We will flag this new trial store as a sandbox to ensure your store access continues beyond the 15-day trial period. This process can take several days.
  10. Log into your new trial store using the same email associated with your partner login.


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