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Deprecations and Sunsets

This article provides a reference for deprecated APIs and exposes BigCommerce’s plans to sunset specific API operations and properties. We recommend setting up a feed alert for our Developer Changelog to receive the most up-to-date information about API changes.


The following V2 APIs are deprecated. We discourage using these APIs as BigCommerce no longer supports them. Instead, consider using the provided V3 replacements.

Deprecated API Replacement
/v2/brands V3 Brands
/v2/categories V3 Categories
/v2/customers V3 Customers
/v2/options V3 Options, V3 Modifiers
/v2/option_sets V3 Options, V3 Variants
/v2/products V3 Products
/v2/redirects V3 Redirects


  • In V3, options and modifiers attach directly to products. Use options and modifiers together to access the contents of the former V2 options response.
  • option_sets endpoint is intentionally not available in the V3 API. For more information, see Difference between V2 and V3 Catalog APIs.


BigCommerce has scheduled the removal of the following operations.

Sunset operation Endpoint Sunset date Replacement
DELETE Collection /v2/customers March 31, 2021 DELETE /v3/customers
DELETE Collection /v2/option_sets May 10, 2020 None; can still be deleted individually by ID.
DELETE Collection /v2/products May 10, 2020 DELETE /v3/catalog/products

BigCommerce has scheduled the removal of the following properties.

Sunset property Endpoint Sunset date Replacement
is_enabled Channels May, 10, 2020 status

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