• Host:
  • Protocols: https
  • Accepts: application/json
  • Responds With: application/json

Manage products, brands and categories. To learn more about catalog resources see Catalog Overview.


Requests can be authenticated by sending an access_token via X-Auth-Token HTTP header:

GET /stores/store_hash/v3/catalog/summary
Accept: application/json
X-Auth-Token: {access_token}
Header Parameter Description
X-Auth-Token access_token Obtained by creating an API account or installing an app in a BigCommerce control panel.

OAuth Scopes

UI Name Permission Parameter
Products modify store_v2_products
Products read-only store_v2_products_read_only

For more information on OAuth Scopes, see: Authentication.

For more information on Authenticating BigCommerce APIs, see: Authentication.

Differentiating Variants and Modifiers

Variants represent a physical product made up of Product Option choices, i.e. a large blue t-shirt. Each variant can have a unique SKU.

Modifiers represent a choice a customer makes about a product that doesn’t represent a physical item, i.e. text to be printed on a t-shirt. Assigning a SKU to a modifier will turn it into a variant.

See Variant Options and Modifier Options for more information.

Available Endpoints

Resource / Endpoint Description
Brand Images Create and manage brand images
Brand Metafields Create and manage brand metafields
Brands Create and manage brands
Catalog Create and manage store categories, products, and brands
Categories Create and manage categorties
Category Images Create and manage category images
Category Metafields Create and manage category metafields
Product Bulk Pricing Rules Create and manage product bulk pricing rules
Product Complex Rules Create and manage product complex rules
Product Custom Fields Create and manage product custom fields
Product Images Create and manage product images
Product Metafields Create and manage product meta fields
Product Modifier Images Create and manage product modifer images
Product Modifier Values Create and manage product modifier values
Product Modifiers Create and manage product midifiers
Product Reviews Create and manage product reviews
Product Variant Option Values Create and manage product variant option values
Product Variant Options Create and manage product variant options
Product Variants Create and manage product variants
Product Videos Create and manage product videos
Products Create and manage products
ProductVariant Metafields Create and manage product meta flields
Variants Get and update all variants