Working with BigCommerce What do theme and app developers on our platform say?

“Going from 0 to 60 on a brand new ecommerce platform would scare even the most seasoned IT professional, but we were quite surprised with how easy BigCommerce was to work with. Within months, we had a solid grasp of the ins and outs of the platform and customized the site just the way we wanted it.”
–Grant Yuan,

“You can build great experiences…entirely on the Bigcommerce platform, no add-on needed. … As a developer, the single biggest benefit that Stencil brings is a local development environment. As far as I know, Bigcommerce is the only SaaS eCommerce platform that is able to provide an environment like this to their developers, and it’s a Really Big Deal.”
Dylan Staley,

“Our engineering team is continuously giving incredible feedback on Stencil’s use of industry-standard CSS and HTML. On other platforms, designers and developers must learn a new language before they can start the coding process for a website. However, when using BigCommerce, they can get to work immediately because they are already comfortable and proficient at implementing the industry-standard language.”

“BigCommerce’s built-in functionalities, particularly customer groups, won us over near immediately… . We have certain clients for which we are building out very complex B2B solutions on BigCommerce… .. APIs and the no-limit catalog make that a reality. … Being able to leverage BigCommerce’s APIs to connect with endless numbers of ERP systems was crucial. On BigCommerce, if needed, you could sync your 25,000-product inventory from your ERP in 60 seconds.”