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Customizing Printable Packing Slips

Customizing Printable Packing Slips

Customizing your Stencil theme’s printable packing slips currently requires a workaround, which relies on a template and variables from BigCommerce’s legacy Blueprint themes framework. Here are the workaround steps:

  1. Download this printable packing slip .zip file, which contains the skeleton of a printable packing slip.

  2. Edit the HTML file to match your desired customization.

(To navigate through the Blueprint variables contained in the HTML skeleton, please see the reference material starting here.)

  1. Set your theme’s checkout type to Custom one-page checkout (for developers).

(Use the steps in this BigCommerce Support article about WebDAV.)

  1. Use WebDAV to upload your customized HTML file to WebDAV’s /template/ folder.
  1. Once you have completed the above steps, you are free to switch your theme’s checkout type to One-page checkout or Optimized one-page checkout.