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Store Design Troubleshooting

Check the Terminal Window

For any unexpected behavior that you encounter while developing your Stencil theme, please also check the terminal window where you started Stencil CLI. In some cases, the terminal will provide a verbose error message specifying where to look for problems. For less-detailed error messages, we list diagnostic suggestions in this documentation.

Empty Drop-Down List in Store Design Panel

  • Symptom: A drop-down list’s outline appears below its configured label. However, the list appears to be empty.
  • Likely Cause: A default value specified in the theme’s config.json file is not enumerated in the schema.json file.
  • Resolution: Update schema.json to include the config.json value.

Configured Control Missing from Store Design Panel

  • Symptom: A control that you have configured within schema.json is completely absent from the Store Design UI.
  • Likely Cause: The specified “type” is one of: text, text area, radio [button], or image. (Store Design does not currently support these data types.)
  • Resolution: Display the user option via one of the supported data types: color, font, select [drop-down list], or checkbox.

Theme Changes Not Saved from Store Design UI

  • Symptom: Changes saved in a browser’s Store Design panel are not reflected in the storefront.
  • Likely Cause: Check whether Store Design to customize the same storefront.
  • Resolution: We strongly recommend opening only one instance of Store Design, at a time, per storefront. BigCommerce currently provides no synchronization mechanism for configuration changes from multiple Store Design instances. So the storefront’s schema.json will record the last changes made by any instance – but changes saved earlier by other instances might be lost.