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Store Design Launch in October 2018

We recently launched an update for the Stencil Theme Editor experience (as of October 2018). The new experience is called Store Design. You can easily make the switch from the Theme Editor to Store Design experience. See our support Store Design article for more information.

Stencil Theme Editor

The Stencil Theme Editor is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that allows BigCommerce merchants to modify a storefront’s look and feel without manually entering any code. A merchant using the Stencil Theme Editor can customize a storefront theme by modifying characteristics from a variety of menu options such as Styles, Colors, Typography, Buttons, and more. Furthermore, the Stencil Theme Editor is a useful rapid-customization tool for developers.

As a theme developer, you not only have the opportunity to use the theme editor to rapidly customize your theme, but also configure your own settings for the Theme Editor. This will give merchants who download your theme the ability to use the Theme Editor with your theme in the ways you provide access to. Like previously mentioned, the Theme Editor by default allows merchants to customize everything from Styles, Colors, Typography, Buttons, and more. As a theme developer, you can choose and configure what features can be modified via the Theme Editor for the theme that you develop.

To configure and work with the Theme Editor GUI locally, run stencil start -e , and point your browser to localhost:8181, as described here. This allows you to see and test your personally configured Theme Editor from a merchant’s point of view.

The remainder of this section guides you, as a developer, through configuring your own theme options.

Single Instance per Storefront

Open only one instance of Theme Editor at a time against each storefront. There is currently no synchronization mechanism for configuration changes made by multiple Theme Editor instances.