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Common Product Card Model

Description: A model for a product’s basic, primary properties. Typically used for list components that show multiple products, each in its own “card” or panel.

Object Properties:

Property Description
id ID of the product
sku The product's SKU (stock keeping unit)/product code, as a string; if the SKU field is not populated, then null
name Name of the product
url URL to product detail page for the product
availability Typical shipping time for the product; used to populate "Usually ships within…" fields
rating Product’s rating
ratings Number of reviews on which the rating is based
brand Brand properties for the product (includes the name property
name Product’s brand name
add_to_cart_url URL that adds this product to customer’s cart
price References the catalog price object, to access price properties in both raw-numeric and formatted/string formats
summary Summary description of the product
image Default image for the product, in Stencil image format
images Array of a product's images, in Stencil image format; currently limited to 5 images
date_added Date the product was added to this BigCommerce storefront
pre_order Product’s availability for pre-order
release_date Release date, if the product is set to pre-order status
show_cart_action Boolean that indicates whether the product is available for purchase
has_options Boolean that indicates whether customer is required to specify options when ordering the product
stock_level If inventory tracking is turned on: The number of items available for sale (0 or more). If inventory tracking is turned off: A "null" string.
low_ stock_level If inventory tracking is turned on: Sets a threshold low-stock level. You can use conditional logic to display a "limited availability" badge if the stock_level property's value falls below this threshold. If inventory tracking is turned off: A "null" string.
qty_in_cart Quantity of this item in the customer’s cart
out_of_stock_message Text to display when the product is out of stock
custom_fields Array of custom fields for this product; custom fields can be used for purposes like: alternate brand name, merchandising title for the product, product type, "gift idea" indicator, etc.
id Unique (integer) identifier for this custom field
name Name of this custom field
value Value for this custom field

Available through:

Object: {{comparisons}}

Arrays/Elements: {{product.related_products}}, {{product.similar_by_views}}, {{category.products}}, {{cart.suggested_products}}, {{customer.recently_viewed_products}}