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Troubleshooting Theme Uploads


Custom theme uploads must meet these restrictions:

  • You may upload a maximum of 20 custom themes at a time to the control panel’s Store Design > My Themes section.
  • If you reach this maximum, you can delete custom themes to make room for more uploads.
  • Before uploading, you must package custom themes into a Stencil-specific .zip file format, using Stencil CLI’s stencil bundle command.
  • A theme’s .zip file must be no larger than 50 MB. If your file exceeds that size, please use either a WebDAV or a CDN upload to exclude large static assets.
  • Generated parsed template files must be less than 1 MB.

Error Codes

Error Code Meaning
TR-100, -101, -700, -1200, -1300 A server error occurred.
TR-200 Problem uploading the theme.
TR-300 Invalid .zip file. (Among other possible root causes, this can indicate an included source-map file that exceeds its size limit of 5 MB. As a workaround, move this file outside your theme directory before re-running stencil bundle).
TR-301 Failed to unzip file.
TR-400 The .zip contains restricted/invalid file(s) - e.g., a file with an invalid extension.
TR-500 The .zip file is larger than the 50MB limit.
TR-600 The .zip file is missing a required file (theme-name/templates/pages/home.html).
TR-601 The .zip file is missing some parsed template file(s); or, one or more non-.html files are present in the theme-name/templates/ subdirectory.
TR-800 There was a problem processing the contained config.json file. Please check the config.json documentation for required keys and for keys that require values.
TR-900 The contained config.json file is missing required developer information.
TR-901 A theme variation defined in the contained config.json file is missing its required external ID.
TR-902 Two or more theme variations defined in the contained config.json file share a external ID. All external IDs must be unique.
TR-1000 There was a problem processing the contained schema.json file.
TR-1001 The theme is missing its required schema.json file.
TR-1400 There was a problem processing template front matter.
TR-1401 There was a database validation error when saving front matter to the database.
TR-1500 There was a problem uploading your files, due to multi-threading (multiple simultaneous uploads). Please try again.
TR-1600 There was a temporary problem on our system. Please try again.
TR-1601 There was a problem processing screenshots.
TR-1700, -1800, -1801, -1802, -1803 System error, possibly temporary. Please try again.
TR-3402 You are not allowed to edit your active theme. [Please select Make a Copy, then edit the resulting copy of your theme.]
TR-4400 One or more values in the config.json file exceed the 64-character limit. (Can also indicate string lengths that exceed their limits in other JSON files.)


Warnings will not block a theme’s upload, but these onscreen and/or log messages notify you of problems within the zipped theme. Here are the warnings and their meanings:

(These messages do not have numeric codes)
Issue in processing this theme’s thumbnail screenshot (composed_image).
Issue in processing this theme’s full-size screenshot (desktop_screenshot).
Issue in processing this theme’s mobile screenshot (mobile_screenshot).
Missing file: This theme does not support Theme Editor, as it is missing its required [schema.json] file.
One or more of this theme’s screenshots are not image files.
Theme is missing a valid thumbnail image composed_image).
Theme is missing a valid full-size image desktop_screenshot).
Theme is missing a valid mobile image (mobile_screenshot).
One or more of this theme’s images is not of a supported file type. Valid filetypes are: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif.
Thumbnail (composed_image) image dimensions are not right. Expected 600 x 760 pixels.
Full-size (desktop_screenshot) image dimensions are not right. Expected 2048 x 2600 pixels.
Mobile (mobile_screenshot) image dimensions are not right. Expected 304 x 540 pixels.
Too-large image file size for a theme screenshot composed_image (thumbnails), desktop_screenshot, or mobile_screenshot] . The maximum supported size is x, but the file’s actual size is y.

Workarounds and Further Info

If a custom theme does not render properly after you upload and apply it to a storefront, make sure you have created the theme’s .zip file using the stencil bundle command, on a Mac OS, Linux computer, or virtual machine. This will exclude Windows-specific errors that have occurred on some bundles.

If you repeatedly encounter the same error or warning and neither this page nor our KB resolves the problem, see support resources for theme developers in our Developer Community.